About Us

SELF EMPLOYEED WOMEN ASSOCIATION (SEWA) aims to fill all GAPs by organizing home based women workers at the District Level in Pakistan .Establishing their  linkages with the local markets and international market through our own International Partner organizations and Chambers

Who we are

SEWA is initiative of E-Pakistan team aiming prosperous Pakistan using ICT's. E-Pakistan under PIID has initiated various projects targeting masses growth and developement all over Pakistan

Our Vision

Our vision is to forge concrete corporate linkages of home based industry with domastic and international markets. SEWA shall facilitate establishment of home industry - market eco-system by overcoming gaps and obstacle.

Our history

Mulitiple E-skill centers, launched by E-pakistan and collaborators, are operational across Pakistan as part of our E-Skill program. E-skill centers are responsible for the developement of vocational,IT and soft skills, essentialy required for smooth running of small scale bussinesses. Through these E-Skill centers hundreds of women have been trained now running their own bussinesses

What we do

We are working on multi-tier and multidimentional strategy. We train women in vocational and soft skills and then establish their linkages with entrepreneurs, production houses,NGO's and concerned bodies like TEVTA, NAVTEC, BISP etc. This eco-system greatly enhance their reach to markets and eleviate their understanding of business enviroment.

Our Causes

There is a  large volume home based industry and self employed women who have been placed in un-productive cycle due to their unsuficient knowledge regarding opportunities offered by goverment and non goverment organization like traning, microfinancing and other various facillities, and lack of understaning about international consumer demand


We are organizing home based women workers at the District Level in Pakistan at a common platform

Skill Developement

Training of women in Vocational skills, computers skills, Social Media Marketing Skills and soft skills which are required for them to run their own businesses

Market Awareness

Educating women on consumer behaviour and current market trends through establishing linkages with on ground NGO’s for their capacity building and with the national and international markets for a DEMAND DRIVEN Production System


For the completion of eco system we are taking steps to connect home base industry women with micro financing institutions like First Women Bank,these institutions linkages with capacity building bodies and ultimately mapping goverment initiatives on academia recommendations.

Partners & Collaborators

Meet our dynamic team and collaborators who are contributing towards dream of SEWA

Ammar Jaffri

Ammar Jaffri

Director General (ICT)

Center of Information Technology (CIT)

Ammar Jaffri

Mrs. Zareen Ammar

Chair Person

Center of Women Entrepreneurs (CWE)



International Partner

Jack Brianel

Amina Malik

Patron In Chief
Center of Women Entrepreneurs (CWE)

Sharoon Amin Akhtar

Sharoon Amin Akhtar

Technology Officer SEWA

Our Community Services


We establish inter linkages with entrepreneurs, production houses,NGO's, home based industry , financial intitutions like first women bank and concerned bodies like TEVTA, NAVTEC, BISP .

Building E-Skill Centers

We are establishing E skill center all across Pakistan.These centers train women in vocational & soft skills. Our centers are fully operational at Multan, Sargodha & Rawalpindi


We provide comprehensive consultation to women about their realm of business regarding facillities and resources available in their area. We also guide and equip them with knowledge required for smooth running of their business

Our Success

Over short period of time and limited resource we have acomplished some success through our determination and teams hard work


Skill Centers


SEWA Members


Women Trained

500K +

Self Donated

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